'nuer' is an ancient word meaning ‘adding colors.’
By adding new values to the inspirations from the gone by past artistic mood and objet, 'nuer' creates products which its own design identities are put into.
'nuer' is a fashion brand with modern classic sensibility created by two designers,Injun Heo and Jaekyung Ha.
Based on our experiences and sensibilities built up over the years in Italian, Chinese and Korean fashion brands, we have launched nuer’s handbag collection in July 2020.
nuer’s own design identity is being created by encompassing inspirations from modern sensibilities of mid-century era that we have not experienced but long for, and inspirations from intrinsic objet of Korea as Korean-born designers.
Focusing on the design of elegant sensibilities and high quality that the brand pursues, 'nuer' makes efforts to present products of high values rather than seeking trendy products.